BioLib alphabetic index of Latin plant species names

Attention: Latin names used in this index originate from historic literature and in many cases do not correspond to modern botanical nomenclature.

Puccinia caricis-montanae --> Puccinia leontodontis
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Puccinia caricis-montanae

Puccinia carlinae

Puccinia caulincola

Puccinia celakowskyana

Puccinia centaureae

Puccinia cesatii

Puccinia chaerophylli

Puccinia chlorocrepidis

Puccinia chondrillae

Puccinia chrysosplenii

Puccinia cichorii

Puccinia circaeae

Puccinia cirsii

Puccinia cirsii-eriophori

Puccinia cirsii-lanceolati

Puccinia cnici-oleracei

Puccinia commutata

Puccinia conglomerata

Puccinia convolvuli

Puccinia coronata

Puccinia coronata

Puccinia corvarensis

Puccinia crepidis-montanae

Puccinia cruciferarum

Puccinia dioicae

Puccinia dovrensis

Puccinia drabae

Puccinia dubyi

Puccinia enormis

Puccinia epilobii

Puccinia epilobii-tetragoni

Puccinia eriophori

Puccinia expansa

Puccinia falcariae

Puccinia festucae

Puccinia firma

Puccinia fusca

Puccinia galii-silvatici

Puccinia gentianae

Puccinia geranii-sylvatici

Puccinia gibberosa

Puccinia gigantea

Puccinia glechomatis

Puccinia glumarum

Puccinia graminis

Puccinia graminis

Puccinia graminis

Puccinia graminis

Puccinia grisea

Puccinia helianthi

Puccinia helvetica

Puccinia hieracii

Puccinia huteri

Puccinia imperatoriae

Puccinia iridis

Puccinia jueliana

Puccinia lactucarum

Puccinia lagerheimii

Puccinia lampsanae

Puccinia leontodontis

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