BioLib alphabetic index of Latin plant species names

Attention: Latin names used in this index originate from historic literature and in many cases do not correspond to modern botanical nomenclature.

Sigillaria hexagonalis --> Silene armeria
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Sigillaria hexagonalis

Sigillaria ichthyolepis

Sigillaria ichthyolepis

Sigillaria ichthyolepis sp. var. vera

Sigillaria ichthyolepis var. Indensis

Sigillaria loricata var. Schlotheimi

Sigillaria loricata var. sub-Eugeni

Sigillaria major

Sigillaria margaritata

Sigillaria microcephala

Sigillaria microrhombea var. acutissima

Sigillaria microrhombea var. nana

Sigillaria minima

Sigillaria minima

Sigillaria ornata var. alpha (minor)

Sigillaria ornata var. beta (major)

Sigillaria parvula

Sigillaria regia

Sigillaria rhenana var Grebei

Sigillaria rhenana var sublaevis

Sigillaria rhenana var varians

Sigillaria rhenana var. eccentra

Sigillaria rhenana var. prominula

Sigillaria rhenana var. signata

Sigillaria sexangula

Sigillaria squamata var. Brunnii

Sigillaria squamata var. acutilatera

Sigillaria squamata var. emarginata

Sigillaria squamata var. repanda

Sigillaria squamata var. simplex

Sigillaria subcircularis

Sigillaria subcontigua

Sigillaria subquadrata

Sigillaria subrecta

Sigillaria subtricostulata

Sigillaria tessellata

Sigillaria tessellata var. alpha

Sigillaria tessellata var. gamma

Sigillaria trapezoidalis var. acutangula

Sigillaria trapezoidalis var. obtusangula

Sigillaria trigona

Sigilliaria Branconis

Silaum silaus

Silaus flavescens

Silaus pratensis

Silaus pratensis

Silaus pratensis

Silaus pratensis

Silaus pratensis

Silaus pratensis

Silena acaulis

Silena libanotica

Silene Syriaca

Silene acaulis

Silene acaulis

Silene alba

Silene alba

Silene arenaria

Silene armeria

Silene armeria

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